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Air Conditioners

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Air Conditioners

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Specification Info
Factory Model


Capacity (BTU)

9000 /12000 / 18000 / 24000
9000 /12000 / 18000 / 24000
9000 /12000 / 18000 / 24000
9000 /12000 / 18000 / 24000

When it comes to heat, the weather can get too dry or too humid. This can leave you feeling more fatigued than you expect it to.

That’s when Air Conditioners come in handy.

They offer the much-needed relief from the heat and humidity, and ensure you stay calm and comfortable.

If you want to live in comfort when the temperatures around you start to soar high, then we have the right air conditioner for you.

Our collection of Air Conditioners of different models available in a wide range of designs, styles, sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors with different features offer you multiple benefits.

There are three main varieties of Air Conditioners and you can choose the one that meets all of your requirements. They include,


Mounted on a window or a wall, they are suitable for small rooms. You can select the Window AC from our collection of models depending on the size of your room and the space where it will be installed.


Mounted on the wall and mostly installed and used in large rooms, they come with a condenser and a compressor. Available in different capacities, you can choose a Split AC that matches your design sensibilities and meets your needs.


Known for saving 30-50% power over a regular AC, an Inverter AC’s speed, power, and technology automatically adapts to changing needs. You can take your pick from a diverse array of Window Inverter ACs or Split Inverter ACs of varied capacities that best meets your needs.


Depending on what kind of Air-Conditioner type you choose, you will have various operating modes to choose from.

The model you choose can affect the comfort level, noise level, and modes to enhance efficiency.


A healthy ambient room temperature is said to be around 23° Celsius.

Auto-changeover feature is especially useful in autumn and spring seasons when the weather can be changeable.

With auto cooling-heating changeover feature, your air-conditioner will automatically select cooling or heating mode to realize your pre-programmed set temperature.

All you need to do is to choose your optimal temperature whatever the weather is, and leave your air-conditioner alone to perform its task. This will help it be to energy-efficient.


This feature prevents you from feeling draught which otherwise can make you uncomfortable. The airflow will be positioned in a way that will not come into direct contact with people in the room.

The feature works in both cooling and heating operation; will benefit you when the temperature has dropped or risen dramatically in a room.


It is an extremely useful feature that comes in handy when you try to quickly heat-up or cool-down a room.

Frequent rapid temperature changes can be disconcerting and are not always desirable. This is when Powerful Mode comes in handy when you want the room to be ready in a few minutes.


A low operating sound level is critical during heating as this means your air conditioner is operating around the clock.

Often called ‘Whisper Quiet’, this feature uses specially designed fans to reduce the noise level of the air-conditioner to just 20dBA in heating and 19dBA in cooling mode.


Heat Boost feature enables the air conditioner to attain the set temperature more quickly thereby heating up your room to the temperature required.


Heat Plus feature allows the air-conditioner to use radiant heat from the top of the unit to help warm the room. This will stay on for 30 minutes and then automatically return back to the previous setting.


Floor Warming feature disburses warm air from the bottom of the unit. This is then distributed across the floor, creating in the bargain a warm atmosphere in the room.


Self-Diagnosis feature simplifies maintenance by indicating the air conditioner system faults or operating anomalies.

If the air-conditioner malfunctions, an internal micro-computer will automatically run the Self-Diagnosis function and display an indication on the unit. Then the problem can be identified by referring to the troubleshooting section of the user-manual; and in many cases, resolve quickly sans the need to contact the manufacturer’s support services team.


Air Purification feature helps to clean the air and create a healthier atmosphere for everyone in the room.

This can greatly benefit if someone in your household suffers from allergies.


To select the right AC for your needs, your selection should be based on

  • Your lifestyle and needs.
  • AC Tonnage which defines the cooling capacity of the AC. The selection herein should be done based on the size of the room that you are trying to cool.
  • Inverter or Non-Inverter AC. An inverter AC is more energy-efficient and helps to cut down energy bills while a non-inverter AC is more affordable. Check the star rating of the AC to save money on your electricity bill.

Looking for a different product?

Didn't find what you’re looking for? We have a team of amazingly dedicated people who'd love to help source what you need.Contact us with your specific product requests!

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Looking for a different product?

Didn't find what you’re looking for? We have a team of amazingly dedicated people who'd love to help source what you need. Contact us with your specific product requests!