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Looking for a Trusted China Sourcing Agent?
VP China Sourcing to your rescue

At VP China Sourcing, we understand the complexities and opportunities of sourcing products from China. Whether you’re looking to import from China for the first time or seeking to expand your existing procurement strategy, our team of experienced China sourcing agents is here to guide you through every step of the process.

Why Choose VP China Sourcing For
Your Sourcing Agent In China?

Unmatched Expertise in the Chinese Market

Unmatched Expertise in the Chinese Market

With years of experience and a deep understanding of markets, VP China Sourcing has been one of the top China sourcing agents. Our expertise spreads over different industrial sectors, which helps us to link you with top-notch suppliers or the best China wholesale websites. Whether TVs, cookers, or everything in between, we make sure you buy in bulk from China confidently and conveniently.
Customized Sourcing Strategies

Customized Sourcing Strategies

We understand that every business has unique needs and will thus tailor our sourcing strategies towards meeting these requirements. Whether you are looking for innovative electronic products to source to get a leap on competitors or seeking a cost-effective solution for your mass purchases, VP China Sourcing is your partner in unlocking the full potential of China sourcing agent.
End-to-End Support

End-to-End Support

When you partner with VP China Sourcing, we commit to finding the best suppliers and your overall success. Leave all the hassles and problems for us in this sourcing from China, including quality control, logistics, and compliance—those are taken care of. A partnership with VP China Sourcing means you get to focus on expanding your business. At the same time, we tackle the complications of international sourcing.

Valueplus China Sourcing

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Request for Quote
Begin your sourcing journey by simply following our straightforward and transparent Request for Quote process. We understand your unique needs and connect you with the best suppliers from our extensive network of China wholesale websites and manufacturers. Whether it is bulk buying from China or searching for specialized items, our expert sourcing agents in China always get you competitive quotes so that the right foot is put forward at the start of the project.
Production Process Management
The production process in a new market takes time and effort. Our company specializes in Production Process Management. Our team oversees your project from the initial prototype to the final production. It uses their skills to provide a product that meets your specifications. Our local presence ensures we can provide instant updates and make the necessary adjustments on the spot, giving you peace of mind while ensuring your products are produced at the highest standards.
Quality Control
Quality is non-negotiable. With our Quality Control services, you can be assured that each product we source and produce is up to your standards and meets international regulations. Quality control is a key step of the production process, and we are committed to excellence. You can have peace of mind knowing that your products will be consistent with the standards your brand represents with VP China Sourcing.
Shipping and Delivery
Efficient Shipping and Delivery are critical to the success of your sourcing strategy. Our logistics experts develop customized shipping solutions that optimize cost, speed, and reliability. We handle all logistics intricacies, including customs clearance and documentation, ensuring your goods arrive on time and in perfect condition.
Follow-Up Support
The relationship with clients is more than delivery; it continues after that. The provision of post-care support is the foundation of our services. We follow up with the customers after delivery to address post-production questions or concerns, which makes the product journey from production to market smooth. It does not matter whether you want additional quality assurance, product returns, or new orders. Our team is committed to ongoing support to ensure your satisfaction and success.

Top Products From The Best China Sourcing Agent

At VP China Sourcing, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of refrigeration products to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our selection includes high-quality display freezers, chest freezers, showcase coolers, and refrigerators, each designed to provide optimal performance and reliability.Here's a closer look at our product offerings:

Our display freezers are perfect for retail environments, combining superior cooling technology with attractive design to showcase your products effectively.

Ideal for supermarkets, convenience stores, and specialty shops, our display freezers are designed to keep your products at the perfect temperature while catching the eye of your customers.

VP China Sourcing's chest freezers offer spacious storage and outstanding durability, making them ideal for businesses that require bulk storage solutions.

Suitable for homes, restaurants, cafes, and catering services, our chest freezers are a reliable choice for keeping your products fresh and accessible.

Elevate your product presentation with our showcase coolers, designed for businesses that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics.

Our showcase coolers are the ideal solution for homes, restaurants, bakeries, and bars looking to display their offerings attractively and efficiently.

Our refrigerators are designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens, offering robust performance and flexible storage options.

From homes to hotels, our refrigerators provide the reliability and flexibility needed to run a successful operation.

Why our clients choose us?

Read Our Clients’ Stories

Ernest Owusu-Afari

Valueplus Impex takes the stress out of doing business in China. They help set up meetings with suppliers, provide transportation, interpretation, and translation services, and most importantly for us, Valueplus Impex inspects our purchased goods to ensure conformity with specifications and quantities before shipment. They even release payment to suppliers per agreed schedule. And they do all this with a really great and friendly team. It is like having our own office in China! Thank you Dayal, Anny and the rest of the great Valueplus Impex team! We look forward to many more years of working together!

Sundeep Dhawan

Value plus Impex has made the entire process of importing from China to Ghana so easy. We were always worried about finding the right partner, but after beginning to work with them we have never looked back. All purchases are checked by them and confirmed before being sent to us. We have not faced any challenges with receiving goods. The team really does put in the extra effort to ensure everything in the process is seamless. A special shoutout to Dayal who is a great guy and a professional individual to deal with. We look forward to many more years of a fruitful partnership.

Sanjay Daswani

Valueplus & their staff are extremely fast, reliable and trustworthy. It has always been easy and a pleasure working with them.

Bunty Mahbubani

Working with ValuePlus Impex has been very beneficial to our company - with their extensive and in-depth supply chain network, they're able to source high quality goods at very competitive prices. Their employees are knowledgeable and provide quick response turnaround times. Management are quick to resolve any issues that may arise.

Valueplus China Sourcing

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